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About Karen by Simonsen

About the brand

Karen by Simonsen was founded in 2009. Karen’s design philosophy has deep roots in the Danish design tradition, focusing on silhouettes, craftsmanship, wearability and modernism.

Somewhere between the Moon and L.A. Karen by Simonsen oozes of feminine design and stylish details to perfectly frame the life of modern women. But there is more to the collections, Karen Simonsen being a well-known traveler and vivid spirit, she fully embodies the modern nomad and adds the impressions from her journeys to every item, every collection. May it be a print inspired by hand woven bands she has found on a market in Marrakesh, a piece of antique lace fabric or a small swatch of the perfect shade to wear on a lazy, sunny afternoon.

About Karen by Simonsen

About Karen

Being one of the most visionary designers in Denmark for the past 25 years, Karen Simonsen never fails to create the icons of tomorrow and the must-haves of today. With every collection, Karen pays homage to the clean chic of Scandinavian design.

Starting her career in 1992 as creative partner at Munthe plus Simonsen, Karen has from the beginning had a strong design identity that she has never strayed away from. Today, as creative director of Karen by Simonsen, she is still as inspired by the lives, the everyday needs and liberation of modern women as she ever was.


“My design philosophy has always been a mirror on who I am, what I dream about and strive to be,  while encountering women’s needs of course and being aware of who we are.”

About Karen by Simonsen